Sunday, March 27, 2011

Japan’s state before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power problem

In the February 24, 2011 issue of The Wanderer a column appears titled, Japan: Leading the way to extinction. The article, written before the devastation, is by Brian Clowes (Dr. Clowes is research manager for Human Life International, Dr. Clowes would not be aware that the numbers he quoted would change in a short amount of time. He writes, “According to the United Nations, there are 1,170 fewer Japanese in the world today than there were yesterday. By the end of this year, there will be a third of a million less, and by the year 2050, Japan will have lost nearly a third of its population.”

The reason for the decline in population is due to practically no emigration or immigration and most significant, many Japanese women are opting out of motherhood. Also Japan legalized abortion in 1949 and has suffered 40 million losses from this alone. In essence what occurs is the population stabilizes then declines. By discouraging immigration, choosing abortion, contraception, and sterilization, Japan is losing a required workforce to maintain productivity. The fallout is a nation turned on its head. Now the elderly population is top heavy and the support at the bottom has decreased leaving little support for the retired.

Dr. Clowes further points out the occurrence of a strange phenomena known as the hikikomori, or voluntary long term shut-ins, and the soushoke danshi “grass-eating boys” named this because of their lack of interest in human relationships. Contrary to what most of us believe these people are living quiet lives outside of competition. This hopeless state is backed up by a suicide rate unrivaled by any other developed nation. “More than half a million Japanese have murdered themselves since 1995.” On top of that euthanasia was approved in 2007. And a sad commentary to go along with the above is the market has shifted from the young to the old. This market includes companion dolls. The Tomy’s baby dolls are for women who never married or had children. Dr. Clowes says, “…some of these women actually believe the doll is their own flesh and blood.”

Near the end of the article we read a warning for the world, “…our population control cartel continues to abort, sterilize, and contracept the people of the world as fast as they can.” And, “The world’s total fertility rate will hit replacement in just three years. Its population will peak in only three decades and then began to decline.”

It is evident our prayers for Japan should not only reflect their needs caused by the affects of natural devastation.

"Man’s life comes from God: it is his image and imprint, as sharing in his breath of life.
God therefore is the sole Lord of this life: Man cannot do with it as he wills."
Evangelium Vitae-Gospel of Life-Pope John Paul II-1995