Friday, February 14, 2014

What are your thorns?

Today during prayer time I was focusing on the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  My gaze moved from His heart to His hands.  For some reason, I kept coming back to that crown of thorns around His heart.  My mind's eye saw the crown squeezing this Heart that beats for us.  He took our ills upon Himself. 

Ususally I identify with Mary at the foot of the cross.  How she must have wanted to take the pain.  The love of a parent enduring the pain of a child is a cross in itself.  But this time I couldn't dwell on that thought.  The thorns on His head, the nails in His flesh and His pierced side presented a physical pain He chose to bear...not to mention the wounds we never see in art.  But this is when I realized Jesus bore the same pain Mary bore at the foot of the cross.  He had to experience her cross too so He could help her carry it.  He took all of us unto Himself.  How our betrayals, denying, doubts and more gripped His heart.  However, that very heart loved us to His death.   That very heart still beats with love for us each day.  What are your thorns? What makes up your cross?  Have you betrayed or been betrayed?  Have you harmed another or been harmed?  Have you neglected or been neglected?  These questions can go on and on.  When we hurt others we are hurting Christ.  He did not know sin but took ours upon Himself.  When others hurt us, He understands.  He was innocent of all the charges, but He still received punishment. 

This is why a cross with Christ is too much to bear.  He has shown us that, with Him, we can get up again and again.  He has shown us when the cross comes to us, we can go through it.  This is how He has loved us to death.  The difference is when He took the cross darkness was all that greeted Him.  For us, he went forward alone so we wouldn't have to ever be alone.  He is the light in our darkness.   He has loves us to death by bringing us to life.

Lord may we carry our cross with you, and when we see others struggling with their cross, help us to be the "Simon" in their life. 

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, may the whole world burn with love for you! Amen