Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What to do?

Often times when we don't know what to do, maybe the best thing to do is be still. In this "everything now" world we seem to forget that it is usually the things we wait for~that end up being worth the wait.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sometimes~I think of people who don't have a place to lay their heads at night or anytime for that matter. When I don't feel so good, I have a nice bed for rest.

Sometimes~I forget to be thankful for the simple things I take for granted.

Lord help me to see your blessings in the everyday comforts taken for granted, and thank you for those blessings!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prayer Challenge

A prayer challenge for Monday and any other day!

Everyone you pass this day, silently ask God to bless them, to stay beside them and keep them safe.

I did this one time when I went to the grocery store. I was surprised at the number of people who turned and smiled at me. Of course they didn't know I was praying for them, but maybe their guardian angel whispered prayerful blessings in their ears.

And my prayer for all of you who are taking the challenge ~I pray that you have a week filled with God's blessing, perfect peace and joyful love!


~~~If you have any interesting things happen to you after this prayer challenge, please let me know!

Because of One Cat

Seeing some tweets on twitter about cats, it reminded me of how we became friends of the furry little creatures ourselves.

My teenage son came home with a tiny, black, male kitten. The mother died, and the kitten was being raised by human hand. My son knew I couldn't see something so cute and not be touched.
My husband agreed with me though, no cats! We lost, and shortly after the little one came to live with us.

The usual story of when a child gets a pet happened at our house too. We began to care for my son's cat at some point. My son was fully aware when he planned to move out, the cat wouldn't be going with him. He didn't fight me on it, because he knew we were hooked.

Maybe I should have known something was up when the little kitten couldn't stand one evening. I stood him up, and he fell to the floor like a rag doll. I called my husband, and he met me at the emergency vet. A couple of hundred dollars later he seemed fine. Every so often he seemed to have a minor seizure but nothing serious.

This little black cat ran wild, zipping from here to there every evening. My husband would pick him up and place him on his chest. Both would sleep for hours, and of course the bonding between the two began.

We moved to a new house about five years after we welcomed this little one to our home. He was a grown cat, affectionate and one of the nicest joys of our life. We noticed he started missing clumps of hair around his neck. Once more we began frequent trips to the vet. Long story short, after thinking he might somehow beat the cancer, he died shortly after the first Christmas in our new home. The year before we lost our collie to old age, and then our five year old lab-mix to cancer too. Needless to say, we did not want more animals to grieve, but the house seemed so empty. Both sons were grown and gone. Living in the country led to not only one more cat, but four! And that is where we stand now. We also have three dogs of our own, and two other dogs that roost at our home most of the time. I'm guessing it may be the treats we feed them!

Anyway I do think God is laughing sometimes, at the statement we made many times - WE DON'T LIKE CATS!!! His response...a little black kitten that changed our hearts.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why would God create hell?

This is the best explanation of why there is a hell I've encountered. I've heard the descriptions of separation from God, the pain of loss and great suffering. But the idea of why still never hit home until I read what F.J. Sheed had to say about it. I think sometimes we forget with God that many things are a mystery, and we must always keep this is mind. If there wasn't the mystery, we would have to wonder where faith fits in our life. But Sheed points out that when one dies loving themselves (a selfish love) to the hatred of God, what is God to do with this individual. God lets him/her go to their own place. At least that is the way I understand Sheed's point. God's creation of hell comes down to their desire to isolate themselves from His love. Obviously he/she can't be in heaven because that would mean close union with the God he/she hates. I guess in a way the individual creates their own hell. Or maybe chooses hell would be a better statement.

The above also brought home to me the fact that no matter how I've ever tried to justify sinning, the reason I've sinned each time comes down to one thing. That being my own selfishness. Self is the seed of every sin that takes root and flourishes. Thankfully we're told - be not afraid! We have a merciful and loving God, who sent us a Savior and Holy Spirit to guide us to the light of His truth.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little story that popped up in my head one day.


She asked me what I brought, and I told her a cake.

So I asked what she brought.

She smiled and said, "a little bit of heaven."

I said, "No, really what did you bring?"

She dropped her head, turned and walked away.

That's when I saw her wings and halo.

c 2009 Margaret Corbitt

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today I walked in the wind. As it sailed pass and brushed me, I was struck by the wonder of this wind I could feel but not see. The only evidence of its existence was the coolness against my skin. This wind at first lightly whisked by, then thrashed and roared pass my ears. As fast as it gained momentum, it settled to a soft billowy breeze. The trees and flowers easily bowed in its passing. Surely this wind IS the breath of God. Like the wind, He gives us evidence of His Spirit and Himself in creation. If we could only quit trying to see Him and sit still in His wonder, how might He present Himself to us each day? I hope I remember this when I see life around me. He is life, overflowing with evidence of His being.

c Margaret Corbitt 2009

I'm still trying to adjust to a blog. This is one of my entries from a journal I have kept over the years. Today is one of those windy days, and it reminds me of this posting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Post

Not really knowing what I'm going to write each time, I want to start with a partial quote from St. Therese of Lisieux. This is actually where I found part of my blog name.

...for me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven. It is a cry of recognition and of love...