Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Mind of Christ ~ Fowlerisms

Many posts ago, I wrote about a man from church who gives me notes for reflection. We decided we may try to post, every Friday, his thoughts, and we're thinking we'll title those posts, Friday Fowlerisms. Obviously I am posting early because Friday is Christmas! Below is the first post from my friend and brother in Christ, Mr. Fowler. I hope it will be a good reflection for you.


The first letter is "M" in the Mind of Christ ~ Motivation
~ Motivation is an inside out job not an outside in
~ Stress is created from the outside in

The important part of motivation is the seed which is planted in the heart. The seed that produces the fruit of the Holy Spirit will bring forth love and service to God and others. The seed of self produces the fruit of love of self (EGO ~ Edging God Out) and service to one's personal interest.

The bottom line is that the "M" in the Mind of Christ was his motivation to do the will of God our Father through His love and service for us.

Are we willing to follow Christ in our motivation today?

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