Sunday, September 16, 2012

I am certain of a few things in this life

First of all, I have not been thankful enough for the many blessings God has given throughout my life.  Every second has been one of goodness no matter what circumstance surrounded me.  He permeates my being.

Secondly, I have not taken time to know Him better.  I’m always petitioning and rarely listening.  My prayer is to know Him and love Him more and more.

Finally, I am blessed by the grace of knowing my unworthiness.  By no means am I fully aware.  It is just the beginning of a grace so desperately needed.  It is a baby step from, “I’m not so bad” to “I’m not so good.”  Now I better understand His perfection through my weakness.

Weakness ~ I am but a tiny speck floating through this world.  For some reason at times I choose a raft that leaks, an uncovered vessel.  Before me is a ship to shelter me and carry me through these storms.  It floats in an ocean of Divine Mercy, the only hope of my salvation.

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