Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today I walked in the wind. As it sailed pass and brushed me, I was struck by the wonder of this wind I could feel but not see. The only evidence of its existence was the coolness against my skin. This wind at first lightly whisked by, then thrashed and roared pass my ears. As fast as it gained momentum, it settled to a soft billowy breeze. The trees and flowers easily bowed in its passing. Surely this wind IS the breath of God. Like the wind, He gives us evidence of His Spirit and Himself in creation. If we could only quit trying to see Him and sit still in His wonder, how might He present Himself to us each day? I hope I remember this when I see life around me. He is life, overflowing with evidence of His being.

c Margaret Corbitt 2009

I'm still trying to adjust to a blog. This is one of my entries from a journal I have kept over the years. Today is one of those windy days, and it reminds me of this posting!

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Anonymous said...

i dont know how i got here..............but i am so glad i did......your writting is so beautiful and........."heartfelt" and full of Blessings thank you for taking the time to inspire us