Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Road Rage Day Two

Yesterday, I wrote about someone waving me on in traffic. Today it was a different story. Someone was following too close, and I made a right turn. Granted I didn't give a turn signal which was my fault, and evidently the driver behind me didn't like it. She honked her horn. The truth is, if I'd thrown on my brakes and she rear-ended me, it would be her fault. I think it's a car's length for every ten miles for following. So if the speed limit is 40 miles an hour, you should have four car lengths between you and the driver in front of you. But I thought about the difference in my experience yesterday and the one today. It was harder to pray for her, but I did because I know that is what God would've wanted me to do. And the truth is, praying felt a lot better than me honking or yelling back at her!

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