Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Rose, Lizard and St. Francis

This morning, I started baking brownies for Mother's Day. My Dad actually requested brownies, so I guess I'll be baking brownies for Father's Day too! I wondered how to fill the 30 some odd minutes it takes for baking. Sunshine was the answer, and I headed outside to clip some roses.

Outside our garage door I have yellow miniature roses in a broken container. Also in the container is half of a St. Francis figure. My husband broke the bottom half, mowing or something. While happily clipping away, I spotted a green lizard on St. Francis' head. How appropriate, I thought. Slowly the lizard took on the brown color of St. Francis. This little creature didn't seem to mind me being so close.

Later it occurred to me. In the middle of all that was broken, rested awesome beauty. From the roses to the lizard, life rose up to greet the day. Our Lord gave Himself for us. He willingly allowed Himself to be broken. And His resurrection is a promise to us, that no matter how broken we are, we can have new life in Him!


Colleen said...

Well said - new life can come thru brokenness. I read somewhere about a cracked vase - it was beautiful because it was thru the cracks that light came through. I think light comes through our brokenness as well. God bless.

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Colleen, Thank you~I like the cracked vase! I've read your blogs, and you are definitely the rose that has bloomed in spite of darkness and trials. Along the way you've become the teacher to many students too! God bless you and hold you always, Margaret