Saturday, July 4, 2009

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

Our Lord’s words in Scripture lets us know that every child has an angel to guard him or her: “See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels see the face of my heavenly Father continually (Matt 18:10) Theologians teach this is not only for children but all of us, an angel given to us from birth to death.

We’ve seen more interest in angels in the last couple of decades. When I was small my friends, who were not Catholic, never spoke of their Guardian Angels. My mother, who is Baptist, prayed with me every night. Even though guardian angels were not emphasized in her religious tradition back then, she made sure I was aware of mine. I would ask her where my angel was, and she’d tell me right behind me. I almost threw me neck out trying to catch a glimpse of my angel. Over the years there have been instances where I believe my angel has guided, instructed, warned and whispered. I plan to post one such event this August. Even though I’ve had some close encounters, I still ignore this wonderful messenger and helpmate sent to me by God. I’m praying that I will be able to grow closer to this particular grace bestowed by our Lord.

If you have a story of an encounter with an angel or angels, I would sure like to hear about it! Please leave a comment.

May God place His angels around you and keep you safe!


Karinann said...

All I know is my guardian angel must be one tough cookie to deal with the likes of me!
I did have a pretty awesome experience regarding my angel. One morning after daily Mass, one of the gentlemen who is a regular and whom I have gotten to know came up to me and said, The name of your guardian angel is Joy. I had sometimes prayed about getting to know my angel better and even find out his/her name. I guess this was God's way of answering that prayer.

memoriadei said...

Can't swear to God it was an angel...but you decide. When my daughter was 7, I had to put her on an airplane from San Diego to Illinois...alone. I had done this before and there were always children about the same age whose parents would take her under their wing during the flight. This time, no one. No parent with child. I was sick at heart. I always prayed for angels to guide the flight and the pilots and was so disheartened that she would be alone this time. I was truly sick at heart. As people were boarding, and we were waiting until the end of boarding so I could go on the plane for our goodbyes, as they always let me do, a little old grey haired lady walked up to me and said, "don't worry, I will take care of her." How she could know, I still don't know that. But her way of saying it put a peace in my heart. I thought, however, fat chance they would be seated anywhere near each other. When my daughter arrived in Illinois and called me from our family's home, I asked her how her flight was. She said a sweet old lady with a seat right next to hers talked to her the whole way and made her feel good and safe. Ok! Now what are the chances that this old lady who said that would already have a seat next to my daughter?? An angel. No doubt in my mind. What do you think?

A Pilgrim in the Wilds said...

Here's mine:

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Karinann, I would certainly say that was your answer! My son (I wonder if he remembers this) was asleep in the car and woke up stating that his angel's name is James!

memoriadei, Like all of these comments, all I can say it is gave me chills when I read your story. Makes you wonder!!!

A pilgrim in the Wilds, I visited your site, tried to follow, but couldn't? I enjoyed the everyday angel guidance and the guardian from disaster. Thank you!

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Anonymous said...
Not sure if this was an encounter with an angel, but:
On 9/11, I, like all Americans, was stunned and wept most of the day. When I heard of the Pentagon attack, I knew America was under attack. I fell to my knees to pray (and sobbed) and felt someone beside me... presumed it was my cat, looked and no one was there... cat was in another room.. but I knew I was not alone, someone was there to comfort me during this dark hour.

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

I would say an angel or the Holy Spirit. I've experienced a warmth and hug when I've needed it. This happened many years ago. And when it happens ~ you know it just like you said ~ you knew you weren't alone! Thank you for sharing this with us. It's nice to know we're not alone when God graces us with spiritual visitations.

Jill said...

Makes me wonder about the angels of aborted children, how much harder for them, and still they carry out our Fathers will and still are.

Anonymous said...

Hi-I do have an angel story I would like to share. When our daughter, Clare, was about 1 1/2 years old, I had placed her in the high-chair in the middle of the kitchen to eat a cracker while I ran water in the bath tub for an older child. But before I did that, I put a pot of water on the stove burner to heat so I could boil some potatoes. (multi-tasking) What I didn't realize is that I turned the wrong burner on...and that there was an empty glass casserole dish sitting on the "wrong burner." As I was filling the bathtub, I heard a loud,shrill noise--like breaking glass. When I came back into the kitchen, there was broken glass everywhere! It was all around Clare on the floor and even a bit on her high-chair tray. I am so thankful her angel was present to protect her from the flying glass. I had a very difficult time prying it off of the floor so imagine what it would have done to the delicate skin of an infant. The floor was eventually replaced. I cannot imagine how much suffering Clare could have gone through if her angel had not been there. Today she is 12 years old and has beautiful skin!

Just Be Real said...

I do not have a story, but I know they play an important part in the spiritual realm and with us and serve a purpose! ♥

Philangelus said...

I've got numerous stories about guardian angels over at my weblog, "Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family."

My guardian angel's favorite place:

The guardian angel of the NY City subway system:

How my guardian angel got his nickname:

My guardian angel plays a board game with me:

And also, my guardian angel gives me the moon:

There are a lot more on the website, but you probably don't want me sitting here linking them all. :-)

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Jill, I'm thankful these children have a guardian angel! I pray they cradle these little ones with the love they so deserve.

angelfangomer, Isn't that something about the flying glass? I would still be thanking her angel or yours or both!

JBR love you ~ I know they are close to you!

Philangelus I'll be visiting soon!

~ Judy ~ said...

When one of my girls was a baby she was playing on the floor nearby...suddenly, for no apparent reason, I was overwhelmingly compelled to go to her and look in her mouth...the feeling was so strong I could not ignore it...when I got to her and I realized immediately she was in distress and when I opened her mouth I saw a button lodged in her throat! THANK YOU ANGEL!

Another daughter had terrible colic...she cried for hours on end day after day...her older sister was only a little over a year apart and I was feeding her one night...but the daughter with colic was screaming relentlessly in her bed nearby, unable to calm herself and fall went on for what seemed like forever...I said a prayer to the Lord asking if He would allow her guardian angel to comfort her and help her to fall asleep...within moments, she was calm and sound asleep!

Last story: driving home on a full of kids...friends in cars behind me in a convoy...again...overwhelming compulsion to take an exit ahead that I KNEW was not the right one...fighting the feeling...thinking..."no...that's not my turn...TAKE THE TURN I felt...but why? It's not the right one...TAKE THE TURN NOW..." it was so strong that I obeyed and took the turn..the wrong turn...had to drive until I found help for directions back...later that night, the friend from a few cars back called to ask why I had turned off...I explained...she said, "Well, it's a good thing...just as soon as you turned off, the truck in front of you lost its whole load of heavy pipe it was would have killed you all instantly...the highway was shut down for hours...but thankfully, the space your car had left by turning off was enough space that the rest of us were able to pull off the road unharmed"

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

I never tire of hearing wonderful interventions such as these~thank you so much for sharing!