Friday, September 11, 2009

Project 2996 September 09, 2001 Remembering Sei-Lai Khoo in 2009

As part of a project to remember the victims of 911, I was given the name Sei-Lai Khoo. I found her name spelled also as Seilai Khoo. I couldn't find much about her, other than she worked for Fred Alger Management, World Trade Center and co-managed mutual funds. I was hoping to find a photo, but I've yet to see one. Her age was listed as 38, and her residence as Jersey City, NJ. There was a short quote from her brother Yeng Leng Khoo, and the statement both came from Malaysia. She was here before him and showed him the ropes when he arrived.

I immediately wondered if Sei-Lai came here to pursue a lifelong dream. I wonder what she would be doing today, and I wonder what her family is doing on this anniversary.

Sei-Lai's age today would be close to mine. From the little bit I read about her, I get the impression she had so much to contribute. She was probably coming into her own and ready to continue blazing a trail through life. And now I know Sei-Lai will always be a part of my life because of this memorial. If you are reading this, I hope you will remember her too.

Dear Sei-Lai,

Eight years ago I was working Base Operations in the Mississippi Air National Guard. One of our pilots came and told me a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. We all thought it was a fluke, a horrible accident. We ran to watch the replay on the television, only to see the second plane crash. We then realized this was more than a fluke. Sei-Lai, I didn't know you were there until today. I didn't know anyone in the towers. But I am saddened for your family, for all the families and friends. And though this tribute to you is not fancy or even worded well, I want you to know I will remember you. And I will now have a name that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Though I didn't know you in this life, maybe I will get to meet you in the life to come. I wish I knew more about you, but this I do know, I will not forget you, the others who perished or our military and others who have sacrificed so much since then. Rest in peace, Sei-Lai!


Please pray for the families of the victims. Please pray for peace throughout the world.


rox said...

Thank You for sharing . What a beautiful story and what a beautiful way to remember those taken .

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Thank you rox!

rossella said...

a wonderful way to commemorate the day and a reminder of our blessings and responsabilities. god bless you margaret, and may sei-lai khoo rest in peace †

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Thank you rossella ~ God bless you too love!

Anonymous said...

I knew Seilai fairly well in a professional sense. She was my client when I worked at Salomon Brothers. I'll never forget I was putting together this very important lunch at a hotel in midtown and really needed client attendance. Seilai made the special trip uptown to make sure my lunch was a success. I never forgot that nor have I forgotten her wonderful comments and compliments that it was a "good lunch" meaning that it was worth her time. Rest in peace, Seilai. You and Ron Tartaro were a good team, you were a kind person, outstanding at your job and always always a pleasant client to deal with. I think of you often. Sabrina Phillips

david cho yee young said...

I was SeiLai's friend and classmate at Columbia, it feels like yesterday that we were still in school together. Having the time of our live.

Of cause life move on and she is working in Wall street. We still kept in touch almost once a year. Since I move back to HK and I only visit USA once a year.

9/11 came and I was in HK. I had a bad feeling about it and it prove to be the end of the road for Sei Lai. What can I say? I just hope She is in a better place because she die trying to reach and find her co-worker.

Rest in Peace.

Heartfelt Heartlook said...

Thank you for commenting and telling us a bit more about Sei Lai. Gone too soon.

Chaminie said...

Just wanted to say that this is beautiful. Sei-Lai was my aunt ,and though I only have a couple memories of her, I do remember how kind and caring she was. She would have appreciated your dedication very much. I just wanted to say thank you, on behalf of my family. God bless.

Heartfelt Heartlook said...

Chaminie, I've neglected this blog, so this is the first I've seen of your comment. Thank you for sharing about your aunt. I know you won't forget her, and I won't either. To you and your family...many blessings!

Anonymous said...

I was drawn to a white rose on my first visit to the World Trade Center Memorial Fountains on June 14. 2015. I saw SeiLai’s name and realized June 14th was her birthday. I was touched by this and spent time by her name. I later researched her on line. God bless you Seilai and your brother Yeng who I am sure misses you very much and all of your family. I hope family members can take some comfort in that a total stranger was drawn to her name on her birthday.
The spirit does live on.