Sunday, June 28, 2009

Casting Our Net and Trusting God

Lately I keep having the recurring thought of even if something is good it still does not mean it is God’s will for us. The reading for today, in the book Divine Intimacy, hit this thought on the head again. “…for it is the consciousness of our nothingness which leads us to put all our confidence in God, and the greater this confidence becomes in us, the more convinced we are of our nothingness.”

The reading goes on to highlight the story of Peter as the fisherman, not catching anything, and our Lord coming along to tell him to lower his nets. The parallel is, we try to force things or hold on to things and find our own hands empty. The point being Our Lord gives with divine generosity, but insists on humility of heart. (St. Therese of the Child Jesus)

Finally the colloquy ends with, “As soon as You see me fully convinced of my nothingness, You stretch out Your hand to me; but if I should try to do something great, even under the pretext of zeal, You desert me. So all I have to do is to humble myself, to bear with meekness my imperfections. Herein lies, for me, true holiness.”

Do you ever feel like God is trying to drive something home with you? As some of you have read in my posts, I feel like I’m waiting on what to do? The message I received today is empty yourself of your ideas of what you want, and if you do this and trust God, He will fill your net. So that is where I am, casting my net, and leaving it there until Our Lord tells me to haul it in. And I have to be willing to leave it there for days, weeks, months or years, whatever it takes.


~ Judy ~ said...

Simply awesome HeartfeltHeartlook.
Thank you!
If I might ask, have you ever considered or felt called toward entering the Lay Carmelites?
I find that your writings and thoughts are very contemplative and in harmony with their way of life.
Just curious :) (hope that's ok)

Teresa said...

A very interesting post
I have heard from others and learned that sometimes what you want or think what you should do isn't what God wants you to do. Each person must pray and listen to what God wants them to do in their life. I have often found that it is hard to listen to him since he is not in the flesh. And, how do we know that we are truly hearing what God wants us to do? I honestly don't know the answer to this. Trusting God is a very important part of life. I believing trusting him can help us determine what he wants each of us to do in our lives.

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Judy, At one time I spent a lot of time at the Carmelite Monastery here in Jackson. I have been approached a couple of times. I also attended St. Therese School, and she is my confirmation Saint. I feel a certain connection, but I haven't received the confirmation from God. It may well be something I do later in life? I don't know. It's more than okay(asking). Thank you for being interested. God's blessing your way!

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Teresa, I agree it is hard sometimes to know what God wants us to do. Sometimes I think it is easier to know what He doesn't want us to do! At times He has answered prayer immediately, and other times He has taken years. His time isn't mine though. Sometimes what He wants me to do in the moment flows easily, but the what He wants me to do in the long run seems hidden. Maybe we shouldn't focus on the long run. I truly believe though, like you said, we need to trust him. And when we do, we'll know for sure. Thank you for your visit and your thought provoking question and views. People here help me so much! God bless you!