Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freedom from Bugs vs Real Freedom

My blog was going to be only one line long this evening. It was going to be one question. Why did God create bugs? ...the gnats, the mosquitoes, the real nuisance bugs. Freedom from bugs was on my mind, but when I started reading the tweets on twitter, bugs suddenly became trivial. One tweet after another is about the chaos happening in Iran. These are real people, like you and me, and they are fighting for their lives in the name of freedom. While we have thoughts of freedom from bugs, from a hated job, from financial problems...some of them are giving their lives for freedom from bondage. They're risking death so others will be able to choose in life.

In thanksgiving, I praise God that I live in a free country. I pray it remains this way.
And I'm reminded how His Son, our Savior, handed over His life that we may have eternal life.
Freedom unending!

Please remember those who are suffering throughout Iran and the world.

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