Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Perfect World

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like if sin never entered into the picture? Would every blade of grass be the same height and perfectly green? Would people's ears be aligned, instead of one being higher than the other? :) What would our world be like?

For some reason a tree always comes to mind. Maybe because it is a symbol of life. The perfect tree would have the perfect shape with perfect leaves. But we know that's not the case in our world. But when I look at a tree with a lopsided shape or leaves missing in winter, I still see beauty. At first the tree may appear unappealing, but then the trunk may twist and turn in an interesting pattern. Or a bird's nest, hidden in leaves, rests tightly in a crook. Suddenly looking beyond the mangled mass, we see beauty. That's how I think God looks at us. He sees what is beautiful in His creation. When we focus on the ugly we miss the good in ourselves and others. This isn't God's way, it's the way of the one who brought imperfection to our world.

God help us not to be discouraged in ourselves or others. Help us to look beyond the imperfections to see your image stamped on all souls! Amen.


Teresa said...

A perfect world could be very nice. I also think that a perfect world could be annoying also. What would there be to joke about? We need some inperfections to have a sense of humor. So even though there wouldn't be any sin, there might be less humor in a perfect world.

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Good point! I like to laugh~a I wouldn't want to see an end to that.