Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is your Gift?

This morning at Mass, our priest was giving the homily on St. John the Baptist. He spoke of how John’s gift was the prophecy of Jesus. He went on to say that we all have gifts, and God created us for a reason, a purpose.

I started thinking about how most of us have or had grand ideas of being or doing something magnificent. We feel like if we’re supposed to do something for God it must be big! Because we sense the grandeur of God we are compelled to believe we are a part of something big. No matter what we accomplish here on earth, we eventually realize we are a small part of His might.

St. Therese, the Little Flower is a good example for us when it comes to doing our part. Her Little Way was to do small things with love. While she was living on earth did she know that one day her writings and life would have an impact for generations?

The lesson I learned today is if we sin in the dark and our sin affects the Body of Christ, if we do some small goodness, it also affects His Body. It helps accomplish His plan whether it is a smile, kind word or prayer. Also as evident in some blogs I read, people who suffer or suffered abuse and injustice contribute to His Body, by sharing their struggles, growth and triumph. Do they realize how many people they touch? Some may tell them how their words helped them, but others will quietly absorb their message never relaying how it changed their life.

St. John the Baptist had the gift of prophecy. What is our gift? Each day, each opportunity we have to spread the goodness of God is our gift, by the work of our hands, the words from our lips and the action of our hearts. What gift did you share today?

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