Thursday, August 13, 2009

Angel of August 1991

In one blog post this last July, I wrote about Guardian Angels. I was so interested in reading your stories of belief and encounters with angels. Several people left comments or links to their angel moments and incidents where loved ones were protected by angels. Back in this same post, I wrote of my plan to share one encounter I had many years ago with my angel.


The month and year of this encounter was August, 1991. Earlier that year, I’d called a friend of mine to chat. Later she told me my phone call, that particular day, stopped her from taking her life. At the time I had no idea she was even contemplating such. She was committed to a facility where she was supposed to get help. Having no experience in this type of situation, I made her promise she’d never commit suicide. She promised me she wouldn’t. She even joked about linking pinkie fingers and promising. Naively I believed her.


In August she ended up missing. Everyone feared the worst. I was pulling into my driveway when I heard a voice say, “There is a letter from (Name protected), in your mailbox.” Sure enough, I pulled a plain envelope with my name and address from the box. I knew it was from my friend. I recognized her writing even though the only mail I’d ever received from her before was a Christmas Card.


Later I wondered if maybe it was my friend telling me the letter was there, but then I remembered the voice saying, “…from (her name).” She would’ve said, “…from me.”

Quickly I ran inside and called her house. Someone I didn’t know answered the phone, and I told him about the letter. He then told me what deep down I already knew, they’d found her body that afternoon.


Later, I will post what she said in her letter because I think it is important. But it will have to wait because even after eighteen years, I still get emotional thinking about it.

There have been other encounters with my angel, but this one still stuns me. I guess my angel wanted to warn me about what I was about to find. Also, maybe this heavenly messenger was gently letting me know my friend was already gone. For whatever reason, I’m thankful to God for the gift of my angel. I don’t tell Him thank you enough, and I certainly don’t tell my angel of my appreciation for the guidance, protection and love sent my way.


Angel of God, my guardian dear ~ to whom God’s love commits me here ~ ever this day, be at my side ~ to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen


The Catechism of the Catholic Church; 336 on angels.


“From infancy to death human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession. Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life. Already here on earth the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and men united to God.”


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

My daughter's life was saved by an angel, who kicked in the window of her rolled-over truck that had been hit by a drunk drive who left her in the middle of the highway in the middle of the night. The angel carried her across the road to safety, where the ambulance, called by a passing truck driver, found her. She was left with no scars and in absolutely perfect shape. The story has been published in two books, but I will try to post the details on my blog, along with a link to the story. Thanks for the reminder that we do have angels with us.

Karinann said...

What an awesome gift of God our Guardian Angels are! I know I don't listen to mine or say thank you nearly enough.
Hugs and Blessings!

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Elizabeth, WOW that is amazing! I am looking forward to reading this story. Please do post and place your link here.

Karinann, I know! Our angels are an awesome gift. Why don't I listen and pay more attention?! Hugs to you and Joy! :)

Just Be Real said...

I have always loved the purpose of Angels. Thanks dear for sharing!

bayouchild said...

Have always wondered what happens to the guardians of children who are aborted

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

JBR ~ me too!

Bayouchild ~ I've been told they serve Mary. I've also been told this is where the children are too! It makes me think of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Thank you for your thought provoking comment.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

What a coincidence, my previous post was talking about angels, too.
May you have a blessed Sunday tomorrow.

Rossella said...

What a comfort to know they are there to protect us.
I thank my guardian angel every day and those of my loved ones.
Looking forward to reading your next post.

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Thank you Rossella. I wish I remembered to thank my Guardian Angel!

Philangelus from Twitter said...

Very nice stories! I ♥ you, my dear sweet guardian angel. :)

HeartfeltHeartLook said...

Thank you! Hugs to you!